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- 100 Mbit/s, 200 Mbit/s and 1 GBit/s
- Dedicated, semidedicated, and shared
- Storage from 50 GB to 8 TB
- Best software setup in the market


- 100 Mbit/s, 200 Mbit/s and 1 GBit/s
- Over 40% discount in major data centers
- All kinds of hardware configurations
- Linux/Windows available

Virtual Private Networks

- Encrypt your traffic
- Access content unavailable in your country
- Connect computers even if they are behind firewalls


NOTICE: Effective immediately, all Vietnamese trackers are banned due to the high amount of fraud related to them. If you need to run Vietnamise torrents - please don't order, they won't work in our servers.

Dedicated seedboxes

Essential and Essential Plus servers

Great dedicated servers on a budget. Available for weekly rentals!

So, willing to dip your toes in the dedicated server world? Well, these are called 'essential' but they're nothing but! Fully dedicated servers, unmetered traffic. They're "small" as in a low power CPU, but they are fully featured and come with 500 GB or 1 TB of space. And the price is almost too good to be true.

100 Mbit/s dedicated servers

Our classic line of dedicated servers.

Packed with the best software, these servers are dedicated to their owners - real hardware (nothing "virtual" here), 100% committed to you. Unmetered bandwidth, VPN, newsgroups downloader, and much more.

200 Mbit/s Mammoth dedicated servers

Dedicated servers with lots of CPU and RAM (32 GB).

For those you in need of a server that can carry the most taxing tasks at a top speed: Create torrents, prepare packs, transcode... with their QuadCore CPU, 32 GB RAM, and 4 disks per server, there's nothing you can't throw at these mammoths.

1 Gbit/s Power dedicated servers

When speed is everything.

Our top of the line dedicated servers - huge hardware, more memory you can dream of, QuadCore CPUs connected to a gigabit line.

SSD dedicated servers

For the racers!

Willing to trade space for speed? You really want that extra boost that comes with SSD so you are always on top? Then this is your model.

1 Gbit/s Windmills

True gigabit at an unbeatable price!

Gigabit for less than $20 a week? In the best European data center? Yes - the Windmills are excellent gigabit servers for those demanding great speeds at a very reasonable budget.

Semidedicated seedboxes

Semidedicated servers

Semidedicated servers

These servers give each user a dedicated IP address, lots of space (from 125 GB up to 400 GB per user), unmetered traffic on a a 100 Mbit/s connection shared with a fixed number of users (3 or 4).

100 Mbit/s + 200 Mbit/s semidedicated servers

Lots of power - best if you need to compress/uncompress or create torrents directly on the server.

If you need lots of power but are OK with sharing a bit with other users, look no further - these servers are power horses, and the sharing bit really makes them affordable.

1 Gbit/s Power semidedicated servers

Lots of power - best if you need to compress/uncompress or create torrents directly on the server.

For those that want it all - raw power and top speed, in a large server shared by a total of 4 users.

Shared seedboxes

Shared servers

Shared servers

These are huge servers shared by a variable number of Xirvik users (of course data is private for each user). They are an ideal starting point to the seedbox world. Lots of power (all QuadCore), bandwidth (Gigabit) at an incredible price (from $4.95/week).

Team servers

Team servers

For the cooperative gang. Bring your buddies.

These servers let you share your data with your friends and team members. Everybody has access to all data in the server, allowing lots of cooperation and resource sharing. The server owner can manage users freely, adding/removing accounts as often as needed.

Options for existing users

Special renewals for existing users
Fell in love with your server and want to make it official? Excellent deals for long term renewals are available here.
Upgrades to existing services
More space? Something else? This is the place to go to supercharge your current account.
Renewals to discontinued services
Just because something isn't available anymore for purchase you don't have to give up the service you grew up with. You can always renew your existing service and get support for it. Renew your oldie right here.